Faculty of Commerce

Sl. No. Subject Name Topic Name of Supervisor
1 Commerce Annu Kumari
Comparision of Study of Finacial Schemes of Government of India and Bihar for Upliftment of Women Entrepreneur : A Case Study of Patna District Prof. (Dr.) Shashank Bhushan Lall, Professor, Vanijya Mahavidyalaya
2 Commerce Piyush Ranjan Sahay
Management of Stress Affecting Quality of Work Life of Women Employees: A Case Study of Public and Private Educational Institutions of Patna Dr. Ram Pravesh Ram, Associate Professor,
3 Commerce Rahul Kumar
Speculative Hedging: A Data Driven Approach for Selective Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs and Metals Dr. Ashim Lal Chakraborty, Senior Assistant Professor,
4 Commerce Rahul Kumar
A Study on Applicability of Behavioural Biases in Individual Investor’s Decision-Making with Refererence to Patna Prof. (Dr.) Nagendra Kumar Jha, Professor ,
5 Commerce Abhishek Patrick
Social Media Marketing in Building Brand Values of Educational Institutions : A Study of Selected Institutions of Patna District of Bihar Dr S.B.Lall, Professor, Vanijya Mahavidyalaya
6 Commerce Arjun Prasad
Employee Engagement Practices: A Case Study of Selected Private Banks in Patna. Dr Mahesh Chandra Prasad, Professor
7 Commerce Ganesh Kumar
Marketing Strategy of Some Selected Life Insurance Products: A Comparative Study of Life Insurance Corporation and Some Selected Private Insurance Companies in Patna. Dr Ahmad Hussain, Associate Professor, Vanijay Mahavidyalaya
8 Commerce Gaurav Paswan
A Study on Challenges Faced by Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Obtaining Credit in Bihar - A Case Study of Patna District. Prof. (Dr.) Nagendra Kumar Jha, Professor,
9 Commerce Kumari Megha
A study of Consumer Buying Behaviour with special reference to Big Bazaar and a few Selected Retail Outlets in Patna Region Dr. Shiv Shankar Prasad, Associate
10 Commerce Nikky Kumari
Mobile Banking Services its Utility Adoption and Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to HDFC Bank Ltd (Patna Region). Prof (Dr) Mahesh Chandra Prasad, Professor
11 Commerce Rina Kumari Singh
Skill Development Vis-à-vis Employment opportunity for the Youth of India: A Case Study of a Few Selected Districts of Bihar Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Chandra Prasad, Professor,
12 Commerce Vishakha
Job Satisfaction in Relation to Employee Retention – A Case Study of a Few Selected Private Sector Banks in Patna Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Chandra Prasad, Professor,
13 Commerce Bhola Bhaskar
The Role of Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) in the Economic Development of Bihar – A Case Study. Dr. Ram Pravesh Ram, Associate Professor
14 Commerce Nidhi Nandinee
Role of Micro Finance in Eradication of Poverty: A Case Study of Some Selected Districts of Bihar. Dr. Ram Pravesh Ram, Associate Professor
15 Commerce Puja Verma
Study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Vis-à-Vis The Growth of Indian Society – A Case Study of Tata Steel. Prof. (Dr.) Shashank Bhushan Lall, Professor
16 Commerce Ranjeet Kumar
Role of State Bank of India in the Economic Development of Bihar : A Case Study of Patna District. Prof. (Dr.) Nagendra Kumar Jha, Professor
17 Commerce Santosh Kumar
A Study on Utilization of Subsidies in Agricultural Sector in Select Districts of Bihar. Dr. Md. Alamgir, Associate Professor
18 Commerce SHALINI A Study of Acceptance and Challenges of Digital Payment System from Customers' Perspective in Patna Town Prof. S.B Lall
19 Commerce MOHAMMED KAMRAN NOMANI A Comparative Study of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing of Patna Urban Dr. Md. Alamgir
20 Commerce Aparna Pritam Stress Management and Work Life Balance of Female Faculty in Government and Private School in Saran District Dr. Md. Alamgir
21 Commerce SHIVANI ANAND Impact of E-commerce on Consumer's Buying Behaviour- A Case Study of Urban Patna Prof. M.C Prasad
22 Commerce Surbhi Suman Work Culture and Quality Worklife of Emplyees: A Comparative Study of Ultratech Cement Ltd. and Ambuja Cement Ltd. Dr. Md. Alamgir
23 Commerce Nisha saha Impact of Emotional Intelligence of Emplyees of Customer Satisfaction: A Comparative Study of Few Selected Private and Public Sector Banks of Patna Town Dr Ahmad Hussain
24 Commerce Ashok Kumar Sharma A Critical Study on Share Capital and Debt Finance Under the Existing Indian Regulatory Framework Prof. (Dr.) Nagendra Kumar Jha, Professor