Our vision comprises a responsible revaluation of the rich scholastic tradition of Patna University and focuses on the dynamics of future challenges to build worthy human values and capital for Bihar, India and the World.


  • To build a scholarly community engaged in regular and committed teaching, quality research, co-curricular and  socially productive   activities, timely and fair examinations.
  • To provide intellectual integrity and artistic freedom to facilitate the microcosm of an enlightened civilization.
  • To build an institution through democratic, disciplined and committed participation.
  • To contribute to the resurgence of inclusive development in Bihar.
  • To render Patna University one of the most preferred destinations for students, faculty and scholars.
Core Values Description
Excellence in Higher education University strives for the uncompromising quality and highest standard of excellence in teaching, learning and research.
Diversity & Mutual Respect University nurtures an environment of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity and has created an environment of mutual respect.
Integrity & Ethics University upholds the highest ethical values, integrity and professionalism as well as commitment to academic freedom, transparency and accountability.
Environmental responsibility University embraces principle of sustainable development to ensure the protection of environment and biodiversity.
Participatory governance University encourages shared decision making through a process that rests upon collaborative consultation, open flow of information, diverse involvement and collective deliberations of all stake holders.
Social responsibility University creates and nurtures an inclusive environment where everyone can develop their full potential and contribute to the interest of the society.
Knowledge creation and sharing University strives to build a scholarly community engaged in quality research, innovation and creative re-interpretation of existing forms of  indigenous and received knowledge, sharing productivity with global academia, industry, government and civil society.
Leadership University focuses on future challenges and has taken the lead in assisting and creating innovation and change in academics and society in the state of Bihar.