Vice Chancellor's Vision

Our vision is to make Patna University a world class knowledge hub with the support of all stakeholders who sense the belongingness with Patna University. We have imparted knowledge for 100 years and aim to impart for hundreds and hundreds of years. We intend to establish our national and international credentials not only in teaching but also by establishing quality research centre, community service, social accountability and oneness feeling across the country. An educational institute exhibits such magical voices which harness billions of followers and the same temperament and culture activities find scope in our vision. To achieve the vision, we have a goal to bring Patna University within top 20 universities of India in the National Institutional Ranking System by the year of 2020.

Patna University Centenary Year Closing Ceremony Held On 25-08-2018

Centenary Closing Speech of Prof. R.B.P Singh, V.C, P.U.

पटना साइंस महाविद्यालय के परिसर में शताब्दी समारोह (14-10-2017) के अवसर पर कुलपति का स्वागत भाषण

Patna University Centenary Year Activities Calendar

Centenary Celebrations Cultural Activities Programme - 2017