Faculty of Science

Sl. No. Subject Name Topic Name of Supervisor
1 Botany Abhay Kumar Sharma
Genetics and Epigenetics of Notch
Gene Family in Colorectal Carcinoma
1. Dr Birendra Prasad, . 2. Dr Sundeep Singh Saluja, Co-Supervisor:
2 Botany Abhishek Kumar
Study on Ameliorating Effect of Moringa
oleifera Lam. on Health and Life Span in
Caenorhabditis elegans
Dr Birendra Prasad,
3 Botany Abhishek Kumar
Exploring Bacterial Diversity in Riparian
Ecosystem and Characterization of Violacein
 Producing Bacterial Strains
Dr Shardendu, Professor,
Department of Botany, P.U.
4 Botany Anupma Kumari
Isolation and Characterization of Stress
Tolerant Plant Growth Promoting Soil
Dr Abha Singh, Professor,
Department of Botany, P.U.
5 Botany Archana Kumari Sharma
Conservation and Management of Aquifers
with Special Reference to Moti Jheel in
Champaran District (Bihar)
Dr Meenakshi Singh,
6 Botany Benazir Fatima
Study of Phytochemicals Present in Elicitor
Induced Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.)
Wall.ex Nees
1. Dr Abha Singh,

7 Botany Firdaus Benazir
Evaluation of Antagonistic Effects of
 Trichoderma Species Against Selected
Phytopathogenic Fungus
Dr Reena Mohanka,
8 Botany Kanchan Gopal Choudhary
A Study on the Effects of Mycotoxin on
Mammalian System
Dr Choudhary Sharfuddin,
9 Botany Lal Krishna
Comparative Biology and Life-Strategy of
 Sesamum indicum L. Cultivars
Dr M.P.Trivedi, Professor,
10 Botany Nivedita Sharma
Weed Rhizosphere: A Source of Novel Plant
Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) for
 Agricultural Sustainability
Dr Pushpanjali Khare,
11 Botany Md. Saduzzaman
Fate of Toxic Chromium in Environment
and Molecular Basis of its Transformation
Dr Shardendu,
12 Botany Mini Kumari
Bio-prospecting of Arsenic in Environmental
Components and Mechanism of its Absorption
 and Movement
Dr Shardendu, Professor,
13 Botany Pravin Kumar
Effect of Pesticides on Cytological Behaviour
 of Allium cepa L.
Dr Binod Prasad, 
14 Botany Pankaj Kumar Aditya
Impact Assessment of National River Water
Linking Plan: A Case study of Proposed Kosi-
Machi Link
Dr R.K.Mandal, 
15 Botany Roja Piyush
Allelopathic Study of Entomopathogenic Fungi
Against Insect Pest on Plant of Economic
Dr Choudhary Sharfuddin,
16 Botany Ruchi
Electrospun Plants Nano Fibers for Therapeutic
 Potential Using Nigella sativaL.
1. Dr Naheed Ahmad, Professor, Department of
Botany, P.U. 2.
Dr Seema Sharma,
Department of Physics,
A..N.College, Patliputra
17 Botany Shivani Jaiswal
A Survey of the Aeromycoflora in the Patient
 ward of PMCH, Patna and its allergenocetic
Dr Surendra Kumar Prasad,
 Associate Professor,
Department of Botany,
Magadh Mahila College
18 Botany Shafquat Rahman
Investigation on the Biodeteriogens of Patna
University Library with Special Reference to
Indoor Mycoflora
Dr Choudhary Sharfuddin,
Associate Professor,
Department of Botany, P.U.
19 Botany Shweta Kumari
An in vitro Allelopathic Study of Trichoderma
Species Against Selected Fungal Pathogens
and its Role as Plant Growth Promoter
Dr Choudhary Sharfuddin,
Associate Professor,
Department of Botany, P.U.
20 Botany Sonali Kumari
Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth
Promoting Rhizobacteria from Common Grass
Dr Abha Singh, Professor,
Department of Botany, P.U.
21 Botany Sayema Anwer
Biodegradable and Biocompatible Electrospun
Nanofibres from Punica granatum L.
1. Dr Naheed Ahmad,
Professor, Department of
P.U. 2. Co-Supervisor
Dr Seema Sharma,
Department of Physics,
A..N.College, Patliputra
22 Botany Vidhan Chandra
Physicochemical and Microbial Profile of the
Soil of Pulse Fields
Dr Namita Kumari, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Magadh Mahila College
23 Botany Ushakar Mishra Isolation and Characterisation of Phytase Producing Bacteria from Lentil Prof. Abha Singh
24 Botany Ritesh Kumar Tiwari Evaluation of Immunomodulatory and Anti-leishmanial potential of herbal drugs derived from some medicinal plants Prof. Meenakshi
25 Botany AMAN KUMAR JHA Documentation and Micropropagation of Indigenous Varieties of Banana, Bihar Dr. Vinod
26 Botany MONIKA SINHA Study of Soil Mycoflora of Barachati, Gaya Dr. Surendra
 Kumar Prasad
27 Botany ARCHANA GANDHI A comparative study of cultivation, growth and nutrients of oyster mushroom grown on paddy stubble and sawdust Dr. Pushpanjali
28 Botany CHANDNI SRIKRISHNA Ethanobotanical Study and Phytochemical analysis of Plants involved in Religious Festival of Patna Prof. R.K.Mandal
29 Botany Pallavi Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants of Patna and their uses Prof. R.K.Mandal
30 Botany SUMAN PRIYA Study of mycoflora involved in biodegradation of different historical monuments of Patna Prof. Namita Kumari
31 Botany SHRUTI KAUSHIK Fungal Biodiversity in Soil Sample of Naubatpur, Patna Dr. Surendra Kumar Prasad
32 Botany RAJEEV RANJAN Evaluation of heavy metal pollutants in rice fields of Patna and its bioremediation Dr. Pushpanjali Khare
33 Botany Megha Sakshi Bioprospecting and Diversity Investigation of Fungal Endophytes Associated with Terminalia spp. of Patna Region Prof. Reena Mohanka
34 Botany Gaurav Kumar Pandit In vitro propagation of Sphaeranthus indicus Linn. and its phytochemical analysis Prof. Meenakshi Singh
35 Botany Tripti Neha Isolation and screening of Actinomycetes in search of antimicrobial secondary metabolites Prof. Birendra Prasad
36 Botany SAJDA YASMINE Investigation on Blumea axillaris, Catharanthus roseus and Tagetes erecta for their potential use as antimicrobial agent Dr. Vinod Prasad
37 Botany Aakansha Raj Investigation on Bio-ethanol Production from Agro-wastes Prof. Birendra Prasad
38 Botany Hanshu Study on Ameliorating Effect of Tagetes erecta L. on Health and Lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans Prof. Birendra Prasad
39 Botany HENA MAHMOOD An in vitro Allelopathic Study of Fungal Biocontrol Agents and their Biotechnological Applications Dr. Choudhary Sharfuddin
40 Botany Amrita sinha Analysis of different phytochemicals present in Ficus species and their Antimicrobial and Antioxidant effect Prof. Meenakshi Singh
41 Botany RASHMI SRIVASTAVA Study of lipolytic effect of Indigofera cassioides L. and Equisetum arvense L. Dr. Vinod Prasad
42 Chemistry Vivek Kumar
Studies on Synthesis Characterization and
Microbial Activity of Aoordination Complexes
 of Triazole and Thiadiazole Substituted
Benzimidazole Derivatives
Dr. Abhay Kumar, Asso. Prof., Department of Chemistry, P.U.
43 Chemistry Permanand Kumar Bhagat
Studies on Coordination Complexes of
Biologically Active New Benzimidazole
Dr D.N.Thakur, Prof. and Head, Department of Chemistry, P.U.
44 Chemistry Rajesh Kumar
Solvent’s Effect on Kinetics and Mechanism of
Hydrolysis of Biologically Active Esters.
Dr. D.K.Verma, Asso. Prof, .Department of Chemistry, P.U.
45 Chemistry Santosh Kumar Tiwary
Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and
 properties of Naphtho Di-Substituted
Heteroaryl Compounds
Dr. M.K.Singh, Asso. Professor, Department of Chemistry, P.U.
46 Chemistry Sanjay Kumar
Studies on Synthesis, Characterisation and
Structural Aspects of Co-ordination Complexes
of Heterocyclic Unit
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar, Asso. Prof., Department of Chemistry, Patna Science College
47 Chemistry MD GHAZNAFAR ALAM Synthesis and Characterization of Some Metal Complexes with Nitrogen and Sulphur as Potential Donor Atoms Dr. Randhir Kumar
48 Chemistry Akash Anand 1,4-Disubstituted Triazoles- Green Synthesis and Their Biological and Photophysical Applications Dr. Rajneesh Kumar
49 Chemistry Sushma Rani Synthesis, characterization
 and Evaluation of Physio-Chemical as well as microbial activities of some substituted napthalene derivatives
Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh
50 Chemistry Nitu kumari Spectral, Magnetic and Structural Studies of Some mixed Ligand and Substituted Biguanide Molecules Dr. Bina Rani
51 Chemistry KHUSHBOO Synthesis, characterization
 Studies of Complexes and Study of Biological properties of Some Triazole and Benzimidazole Derivatives
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar
52 Chemistry MANISH KUMAR Investigation of Heterobinuclear Complexes of Strontium (II) and Barium (II) with transition metal complexes containing (ONNO) ligands Dr. Sanjay Kumar
53 Chemistry SHALINI KUMARI Kinetic study of mixed aqueous solvent on alkali catalysed hydrolysis of heterocyclic acidester Dr. Dilip Kumar Verma
54 Chemistry SUBODH KUMAR YADAV A Study on Production of Bioethanol From Sugar Industry-Issues and Remedies Dr.D.N Thakur
55 Chemistry Anushree jha Study on extraction and separation of monosaccharides and disaccharides from agriculture waste and their filtration using Nanofiltration(NF) technique Dr. Madhu Rani Sinha
56 Chemistry ÀNURAG Studies on Mixed Ligand
 Complexes of Cu(II) and Zn(II) Chelates With Picolinic Acid, Quinaldinic Acid and Their N-Oxides.
Dr. Asha Kumari
57 Chemistry FAISAL FAROOQ Synthesis, Characterization
 and Biological Activities of Some Metal Complexes Containing Heterocyclic Molecules
Dr. Irshad Ali
58 Chemistry SHWETA Studies on Conjugate
 Substitution Products of Some Aromatic Ring Systems and Exploration of Their Chemical and Microbial Properties
Dr. Mithilesh Kumar singh
59 Chemistry Kumari Sweta A study on bioproduction
 of ethanol from molasses by using yeasts exposed to chemical mutagens
D. D.N. Thakur
60 Chemistry Dipti Studies on Structural
 and Biological Activites of Some Metal Ion With Biguanide and Substituted Biguanide Molecules.
Dr. Bina Rani
61 Chemistry PIYUSH KUMAR Studies on Synthesis,
 Characteriztion and Microbial Activity of Coordination Complexes of Triazole and Tetrazoline-5-Thione
Dr. Abhay Kumar
62 Chemistry Rudra narayan yadav Pyrazolone Derivatives as
 Bidentate (oo) Ligands: Complexes With Rubidium and Cesium
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
63 Geology Akanksha Priyadarshi
Sedimentological Study of Lower Gondwana
Rocks of Saharjuri basin, Deoghar District,
 Jharkhand, India
Prof. Atul .Aditya.Pandey, Professor, Department of Geology, P.U.
64 Geology Prahlad Kumar Arya
Hydrogeological Studies in Parts of Gandak
 River Basin, Bihar
Prof. Anil Kumar, Professor, Department of Geology, Patna Science College
65 Geology Shambhavi
Prof. Rabindra Kumar, Professor, Department of Geology, Patna Science College
66 Geology Bhavuk Sharma
Hydrogeological Study of Groundwater in and
 around Munger, Bihar
Prof. Atul .Aditya.Pandey, Professor, Department of Geology, P.U.
67 Geology Saurav Kumar
Hydrogeological Studies of Patna District,
 Bihar With Special Reference to Water Quality
Dr. Abhay Prakash Asstt.Professor,
68 Geology Adila Ali Evaluation of Wetlands in parts of Kosi Basin, Bihar using Remote Sensing data Dr. Sayema Jamal
69 Geology SABA IMAM A study of the Fluvial sediments in parts of Kosi Basin, Bihar with special reference to investigations for Rare Earth Elements Prof. Atul Aditya Pandey
70 Geology SHAMBHU KUMAR Hydrogeological study in and around Aurangabad district, Bihar with special reference to ground water pollution Prof. Rabindra Kumar
71 Mathematics Shubhra
A Study on Some Problems In Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravitation Dr L.N.Rai , Head and Professor, Department of Mathematics
72 Mathematics Manish kumar Mathematical Modeling of Elastic Waves in Different Layered Media Dr. Dinesh Kumar Majhi
73 Mathematics AAKASH KUMAR Linear Stability Analysis of Some Mixed Convection Flows in Porous Medium Dr. Abhishek Kumar Sharma
75 Mathematics SHARVAN KUMAR Study on Reduction, Multiplicity and Rees Algebra Dr. Priti Singh
76 Physics Kamad Nath Shandilya
A Study of Nonlinear Climate Models using
Chaotic Simulations and Logistic Maps
1. Dr. Sumita Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
77 Physics Sonu Rani
Synthesis and Characterization of Lead-Free
 Multiferroic Ceramics: Modified Bismuth
Dr. Surabhi Prasad, Head & Associate Professor, Department of Physics
78 Physics Tinku Kumar
Investigations of the structural, thermal,
electrical and Magnetic properties of Colossal
Magneto resistive Manganities
1. 1. Dr. Dolly Sinha, Professor of Physics, Patna University
79 Physics RAVI BHUSHAN SINGH Study of Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Some Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Materials Dr. Shankar Kumar and Dr. Ram Janay Chaudhary (Co - Supervisor)
80 Physics KUMARI SAMMY Study of the phenomenology of Black Holes Prof. (Dr.) Sumita Singh
81 Physics SUMIT KUMAR Investigation on Synthesis, Characterization & Potential Applications of Layered 2D-Materials Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg
82 Physics DHARMENDRA RAI Ionization and Charge Transfer in Multi Ion-Atom Collisions Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Gupta
83 Physics Kumari Neha A Study on Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Simulations Using Cloud Computing Dr. Amrita
84 Physics Mukesh Chandra Bos Investigation on neoteric phase behaviour of amphiphile-water system mediated via stringly binding counterious Dr. Santosh  Prasad Gupta
85 Statistics Alok Pritam
Statistical Analysis of Crime Data of Bihar
 (2005 - 2015)
Dr. Binod Kumar Pandey Associate Professor and Head Department of Statistics Patna University, Patna
86 Statistics ALOK Statistical Modelling of Head and Neck Cancer Prevalence in Bihar. Dr. Manoj Kumar Rastogi
87 Statistics TUBA JAMAL Statistical Study of Bihar Tourism Since 2001. Dr. Amit Kumar
88 Statistics MOON Statistical Techniques for Demographic Characteristics and fertility measures. Dr.Kumar Satyendra Yadav
89 Zoology Pintu Kumar Shaw
Effect of Medicinal Plant Tulsi
(Ocimum sanctum) and Neem
(Azadirachta indica) on the control of harmful
stored Grain pest (Tenebrio molitor)
Dr. S. M. M. Hassan, Associate Professor Department of Zoology, Patna Science College
90 Zoology Shalu
Monitoring and Assessment of Urban Wetlands
for Pollutant Removal
Dr. Mridula Renu Sinha, Associate Professor, Department of Zoolgy, Magadh Mahila College
91 Zoology Arunima Rani
Seasonal Variation in the Diversity of
Zooplankton in the River Ganga Along Patna,
Dr Anupama Kumari, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, P.U.
92 Zoology Kumar Kaustubh
Study on Taxonomic Characterization of Moths
(Lepidoptera) From Saranda Forest Division,
Jharkhand, India
Dr. S..M. M. Hassan, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna University
93 Zoology Yasha
An Investigation on the Possible Cytogenetic
and Biochemical Toxicity of Microplastics
Dr. P.K. Khan, Professor, Department of Zoology, P.U.
94 Zoology Abhishek Ranjan
Eco friendly control of Mealybugs in Plants of
Economic Importance by Different Plant
Dr. Moti Lal Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, B.N.College
95 Zoology Raju Kumar
Studies on Xylachlor induced Biochemical
Alteration in a Fresh Water Fish, Channa
marulius (HAM.)
Dr. Moti Lal Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, B.N.College
96 Zoology Manisha Kiran
Study of Arsenic induced Toxicity in Charles
 Foster Rats and its Phyto-Remediation by
Honey and Calendula officinalis
Dr. Shobha Srivastav, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna Women's College
97 Zoology Jai Prakash Sharma
Fish Diversity and Conservation Perspectives
of Ghaghara River, India
Dr. D.K. Paul, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, P.U.
98 Zoology M. Nayan
A Study on the Fish Biodiversity in the River
Mahananda near Katihar(India): Threats and
Conservation Perspectives
Dr. Mridula Renu Sinha, Associate Professor, Department of Zoolgy, Magadh Mahila College
99 Zoology Maya
Biodegradation of High and Low Density
Polythylene Plastics with Bacteria isolated from
Landfills of Patna
Dr. Shahla Yasmin, Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna Women's College
100 Zoology Mohan Kumar
Probable Mitigation of Sodium Fluoride
Induced Hepatic and Renal Toxicity in
Experimental Animals by Certain Herbal
Dr. Shahla Yasmin, Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna Women's College
101 Zoology Pankaj Kumar
Bio-monitoring of Arsenic Exposure and
 Induced Genetic Damage in the Human
Population: A Cohort Study in Vaishali District,
Dr. P. K. Khan, Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna University
102 Zoology Dipty Kumari
A Study on Limnology and Species Diversity
of Benthic Invertebrates in Ponds at Patna
Dr. D.K. Paul, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, P.U.
103 Zoology Kundan Patel
A study on the Ameliorative impact of Aloe
vera and Black tea against sodium fluoride
 induced oxidative stress and possible
genotoxicity in freshwater fish
1. Dr. G.B. Chand, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna University
104 Zoology Prabha Shahi
Mitigational approach towards sodium fluoride
 induced Histopathological and Hormonal
 alterations in testis of fresh water fish by
Tamarind and Drumstick extract
1. Dr. G.B. Chand, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna University
105 Zoology Bibha Choubey
FAECALSTEROID HORMONES TO MONITOR THE HEALTH STATUS OF CAPTIVE LARGE HERBIVORES IN PATNA ZOO Dr. Sister M. Stuti. A.C., Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Patna Womne's College
106 Zoology Vishakha Sinha
107 Zoology Prakash Kumar
108 Zoology VIVEKANANDA Identification of Cancer Biomarkers through Bioinformatics Approaches Dr Mridula Renu Sinha
109 Zoology DIVYA Evaluating the Response of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Ichthyofaunal Assemblages Towards Environmental Stressors at Baraila Lake ( Vaishali), Bihar Dr Anupma Kumari
110 Zoology SUKRITI SUMAN Toxicity Assessment of Silica Nanoparticles on Hepatic, Renal Metabolism and Transcriptomic Responses in Channa punctatus Dr G B Chand
111 Zoology PRAHLAD KUMAR Resource Partitioning in Heronries of Patna Dr Shahla
112 Zoology Shachi Raj Study of Microplastic Induced Hepatotoxicity in Freshwater Fish Heteropneustes fossilis Dr D K Paul
113 Zoology Kalyani Threats and Possible Conservation with respect to present Fish Biodiversity in the River Gandak at Hajipur (Bihar) Dr Mridula Renu Sinha
114 Zoology Lekh Raj Study of Azadirachtin Induced Toxic Effect on DNA and Neuroendocrine System in Spilosoma obliqua Dr Shobha Srivastava
115 Zoology Shashi bhushan lal Evaluation of Antidiabetic Potential of Catharanthus roseus Linn, Leaf Extract in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Mice Dr Moti Lal Gupta
116 Zoology KUMARI SWARNLATA Effects of Tinospora cordifolia and Withania somnifera on Neuroendocrine & Reproductive of Bombyx mori Dr S M Mahboob Hassan
117 Zoology AMBIYA KHATOON Effect of Water Quality on Fish Health and Diversity: A Case Study of Indrapuri Dam, Rohtas, Bihar Dr Babita Sharma
118 Zoology PRIYANKA KUMARI Effect of Pesticides on Common Carp Labeo rohita in River Ganga, Patna District Dr Praveen Kumar
119 Zoology Jay Shakti Studies of Biopesticidal Effect on Development of Reproductive System and Reproduction of Dysdercus cingulatus ( Fab) Dr Shahla Yasmin
120 Zoology Khushboo Kumari Identification and Charactization of Lifespan Extending Natural Molecule in budding Yeast (Sachoromyces ceremisiae) Dr Gajendra Kumar Azad
121 Zoology KIRTI SINHA In Silico Study of Polyamine Modulators in Various Model Organisms Dr Shobha Srivastava
122 Zoology Divya Prasad Study of Arsenic Induced Stress and Its Molecular Manifestations in Zebra Fish ( Danio rerio) Dr G B Chand
123 Zoology KRITIKA PANDEY Assessment of Hematological Changes in Fish Clarias batrachus at Different Exposure Levels of Zinc Dr P K Khan
124 Zoology KOMAL Impact of Nickel and Chromium on the Oxygen Consumption and Biochemical Changes in Blood and Liver in a Freshwater Air Breathing Teleost -Channa gachua ( Bloch.) Dr Ranjana
125 Zoology MOHSANA MAZHAR The Role of Neurosecretion
 on the Development of the
 Reproductive Biology of
 Poekilocerous Pictus
Dr S.M Mahboob Hassan
126 Zoology RAKESH KUMAR CHOUDHARY Study of Characteristics of Soil Fuuna in the Flooded Areas of Samastipur District in Bihar Dr P K Khan
127 Zoology RAMNATH Ecobiological Study of Matokhar Dah Pond,Sheikhpura ( Bihar ) in context with Fish Production Dr D K Paul
128 Zoology BHARAT BHUSHAN Malaria Transmission Blocking Vaccine Candidate Proteins and their Interactions: A Bioinformatical Study Dr. Babita Sharma
129 Zoology FARHA ASHIQUE Assessment of Genotoxic & Oxidative Stress Induced by Food Additive Monosodium Glutamate Using a Piscine Model Dr P K Khan
130 Zoology Sweety Kumari Effect of Selected herbal Powder on Lesser grain Borer ( Rhyzopertha dominica F) in stored Wheat Dr S M Mahboob Hassan
131 Zoology KUMAR GAURAV Effect of Tulsi ( Ocimum sanctum) and Neem ( Azadirachta indica ) Extract on Growth and Development of Mulberry Silkworm ( Bombyx mori L.) Dr S M Mahboob Hassan
132 Zoology AYUSH KUMAR Enivronmental Foreinsic Investigation of Sewage Effluent and Sedimental Deposits on a Piscine model organism from Digha ghat to Gai ghat in Patna Dr. Babita Sharma
133 Zoology MIMANSA KIRAN Toxic Effect of Sewage Water on Fish Catla catla Dr Mridula Renu Sinha
134 Zoology MOHAMMAD MASROOR ZAFAR Effects of Environmental Stressors on Ichthyofauna of River Ganga in Patna , Bihar District Dr Anupma Kumari
135 Zoology SUSHANT KUMAR Understanding the Epigenetic Network of Lifespan Extending molecules in budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dr Gajendra Kumar Azad
136 Zoology Aarti Kumari Assessment of Nephrotoxicity on an Air Breathing Fish Exposed to Microplastics Dr D K Paul
137 Zoology Mohammed Aasif Sulaiman Evaluating Genotoxic Effects of Some Selected heavy metals on Commercially Important Fish Species of River Ganga at Patna, Bihar Dr Anupma Kumari
138 Zoology Ramesh Yadav Neurotoxic, Oxidative , Biochemical and Hematological Responses in aTeleost Fish Exposed to Polystyrene Microplastics Dr D K Paul
139 Zoology Saima Anjum Evaluation of Water Quality and Bioaccumulation of Toxic Metals in the Fish Fauna of Baraila Lake, Bihar Dr Anupma Kumari
140 Zoology Khushboo Kumari Assessment of Water Quality and Diversity of Zooplankton in Selected Arears of Gandak River Basin, Bihar Dr Shobha Srivastava