About Medha

Medha better prepares youth for life after school. Our combination of 21st-century skills training, career counseling, and alumni support propels young people on career paths of their choice.
Since 2011, we have improved workplace engagement, income growth, and female labor force participation for thousands of students across hundreds of educational institutions. And we are currently partnering with multiple state governments to bring our programming and approach to millions more.

About E2E program

In E2E, we conduct activity-based programs on-and-off campus which focus on life skills, digital literacy, and employability skills. We organize industry visits and expert-led talks to provide workplace exposure, and connect students to career opportunities. We also connect them to our growing alumni network that hosts meet-ups, talent nurturing events, and field trips for lifelong learning and support.

Build your skills, join a community of like-minded people, start your dream career. Medha is a unique, experiential journey like you've never had. Come explore your passions and make the most of them to enhance your career and life!

For enquiry- 7080997814
Email- medha.patnauniversity@medha.org.in